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About Me Cion Corner is the go-to place when you need to learn just one more thing about the PlayStation 4. We are gaming buffs, and we take pride in being able to provide leadership in video gaming at the local level in a New York Borough. Check us out often for more on the PlayStation and gaming in general!

Playstation4 and Its Features

Playstation4 and Its Features

The PS4 system is a video game console that is focused on putting players first while giving the ideal entertainment experience. It has plenty of features that will entertain you and the specs are designed to bring players exciting and challenging new experiences.

Getting to know the PS4 system features will give you ideas and thinking and provides you some benefits during the game.

PS4 Key Accessories

You probably won’t need to purchase any accessory to make use of your PlayStation 4. But over the last few months, there have been a lot of ranting on the overheating problem. Thus, you might need to purchase the PlayStation 4 Cooling Stand as a handy accessory. You might also feel compelled to purchase a better headset for your console!

Remote Play

You can have potential in playing games if you have the ability to play PS4 on their handheld device. You can also access to Wi-Fi.


The PS4 system provides personalization

Playstation4 has accomplished having integrated software to learn what you like or dislike in a video game. It has implemented brand new features to make the games more personalized.


Sharing your gaming experiences

The best thing about this is that the PlayStation 4 system was built on having the Share button. This button uploads content that is tagged by you while you can return to playing your game and share it to others. You can share your triumphs and victories with others by pressing the button. You can now play socially by sharing your game to your friends and family, leaving messages on other player’s games and join PS4 games in so many ways that can enhance your experience.



Players are sure to appreciate this feature because it has the ability to play games while they are downloading. Players will no longer have to wait to play their game because it will always be available. You can test out any game you like and play it instantly while you’re still downloading for demos to learn much more about it.


These features surely will entertain players and can give a whole new gaming experience. Games will become more challenging, easy and fun to play with these new additions and improvements created.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

In the world of video gaming PlayStation 4 has many things to offer that a player could enjoy with real time experiences. It is the most impressive and innovative platform for people who love to play games. The immersive factor about PlayStation 4 system is that it allows game developers to introduce their creativity in a spectacular way for gamers to enjoy the gaming experience. PlayStation 4 contains a powerful chip which gives you a high speed gaming feature and graphic processor for pleasant and high definition graphics.

Apart from this PlayStation 4 offers numbers of other options a user can have access of, such as rich applications featuring movies, television shows, dramas, sports and many more all in one package. The system of PlayStation 4 discovers your preferences and it gets to know about what you like and don’t like. You can access the information related to various games, what your friends share or view and you can also get information of their suggested stuffs including sports, movies or whatever.

When it comes to sharing games experience with others, PlayStation 4 has certainly the endless challenges and you can share all this epic stuffs just a click away of a button on controller. It also make you have the social network with other game players by broadcasting your game play levels in real time. In addition to that, remote play on PlayStation 4 is an amazing accessory that lets you to unlock the potential of the system. With the help of PS Vita System you will have numerous options as an access to variety of PlayStation 4 titles on a screen with Wifi enabled in that.

This amazing PlayStation 4 is built to make a connection between players and the games themselves and introduce the innovative gaming experience for the next generations. Moreover, PlayStation Plus is one the most incredible system with exceptionally outstanding performance to give gamers a wonderful addicted experience.

PT Gone, Dead, and Buried

PT Gone, Dead, and Buried

Things at Konami could not get any messier; PT, a playable teaser for Silent Hills game was canceled and completely removed from Sony PSN. This is unlike other instances where even after a game or demo is taken down from digital shop fronts; it still is available for download. For example even after Outrun Madden Arcade were taken down from Xbox Live, one can still get it.

What is bewildering is why anyone would go the miles to scrub PT from PSN with such entirety that it is no longer available. Users who try to download or re-download it are hit with the same error message that it can be downloaded.

Silent Hills Cancellation

Silent Hills was a much-anticipated horror game that was announced last year through PT. The project, however, fell under the axe after speculations that things were not well at Konami factory. This was after rumors of a fall out between Kojima and the Japanese publisher of the game. Following an official statement by Konami to Kotaku, it became apparent that Silent Hills had miscarried and won’t be happening.

Soon after, came warnings that even PT would be pulled down from Sony’s PSN servers. Sure enough, PT is gone entirely without any trace on the shop front store. This is in spite of Sony’s earlier statement to users that PT would remain downloadable even after it was deleted from PSN. The dispatch here is simple: if you have PT on your PS4 do not ever delete it!

The Xbox One and Its Features

The Xbox One and Its Features

The Xbox One was surely built for gamers. It takes gaming to a new level with its high-rating performance. Xbox One is simply the best gaming console ever made. Microsoft’s Xbox One offers great graphics and can control it live TV with Kinect. Its features make it one of a kind game that every will be talking about.

These are the features of an Xbox One:

Advance Multiplayer

Millions of players can enjoy the multiplayer experience. Everyone can broadcast and share their moments of victory.

Games Plus Entertainment

You can enjoy the best games, TV, movies, music and sports all in one place. And talk with family and friends on Skype while watching TV.

Breakthrough Technology

You can take Xbox one games anywhere and can have offline features with it. The only times you need an online connection are for initial set-up of Xbox One.

Xbox One Video Games

You can play any games you like without limitation. You can share, trade-in, resell, gift, & rent game discs. You can purchase from Xbox Live and get instant access to playing.

Xbox One Security

You can now have privacy. You can personalize your Xbox One, which includes privacy settings, manual or automatic sign-in. And when you play games, you can use personal data, such as videos, photos, and facial expressions, no one except you can access it, without your permission.

Xbox One Accessories

Kinect or Controller are the accessories of Xbox One… It’s designed to interact with you in multiple ways.

People that usually play games prefer PS4 as their top choice in gaming console. But Xbox one drops it price and make a huge difference when it comes to money, people will surely pick the one that could give them a whole new exciting gaming experience as well as saving their budget if they buy it.